Céu’s music: from Brazil to the world!

It’s all about the feeling!

In 2005 the Brazilian singer Céu released her first album and with it, achieved the status of one of the biggest voices in Brazil. About being from the new Brazilian music’s crop, she said:

“Its label has gotten limited!”

Ok, then.

Vagarosa was released in 2009. Here she mixed a lil bit of world music, Brazilian music, reggae and dub. It was extremely acclaimed by the critics and reached an international public obtaining a prominent position in the market.

In the beginning of 2012, she worked on Caravana Sereia Bloom, which had raised the credibility of her career. In this album, she didn’t dare too much – as the critics affirmed at that time. We could see the same Céu. But she is so awesome that she gets the attention of different parcels of the public with each album. And I must confess it wasn’t out of my iPod. I was completely addicted!

While she was on tour with the last album, she decided to take part in a tribute to one of the greatest reggae albums: Catch a Fire, by Bob Marley and The Wailers. And, you know what? She set fire everywhere she went with this concert! It was just flawless! (I am still waiting for a DVD of it!)

In the middle of all the process, she was still on tour showing her “Caravana” compilation, and surprisingly gave us the DVD of this tour as a gift, Céu Ao Vivo. With it, we could see a reflection of how her job really looks like: different music styles, a volcano on stage and a unique voice. About the show… it is hot!

But here we are in 2016, and she has released her fourth album – Tropix – and she has already gone on an international tour with it. Wow! This is the real name of Brazilian music abroad nowadays!

About Tropix, she said:

“I think we can always try to look to the future, create a future in our minds, but we will always have the past as a reference. I wanted beats, but with it, we rescued the tamba (percussion instrument created in the 60s). It’s funny to play with it, a future that brings what we have lived.”

We don’t really know what tropix means, but we can have a clue of it reading the following words said by Céu:

“I wanted to flirt with something more synthetic, even if it sounded like this: Brazilian, tropical, a little machine behind the tropics.”

Interesting, isn’t it? And in her first single from the album, she shows us all her intention:

To Céu: we will keep on repeating it in our ears forever.

To you, readers: delight yourselves.